Tax time...or anytime.

Zambai CPA is here to help you with your tax and money questions whether it's your personal life or a business necessity.

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Zambai CPA is a full service, tax preparation and accounting CPA firm focusing on small to medium businesses and individual tax preparation.

Located in Parker Colorado, we provide professional tax preparation and accounting services with the personalization, accuracy, and compliance that software packages cannot offer. As a CPA firm we keep up to date with changing laws and adhere to a strict set of ethical standards and professional codes of conduct as rooted in the government bodies that license us.

Small Business, Sole Proprietor, & Starting a New Business

Are you a small business, sole-proprietor, starting a new business and don't know where to start? Zambai CPA can help you establish your business the RIGHT way from the start...or help you get your current business set straight!

Individual Tax Prep & Tax Planning

Sometimes you need something a little bit more than a DIY software program. If you have a more complex tax prep, Zambai CPA can help you get your ducks in a row, maximize your deductions, and make sure you're filed right!

Book Keeping and Money Management

Sometimes book keeping can get messy and put your tax filing behind. A business sometimes can SAVE MONEY by having us manage their money and book keeping from the 'get-go' and make sure they stay on track with their business taxes.

Payroll, Sales Tax, and Business Accounting

We can handle all the 'hard stuff' for your business. No one likes getting those letters from the state demanding unfiled withholdings, incorrect payroll taxes, and all the stuff we hate to see. Let ushelp you get your taxes straight and make sure you can keep doing what you're doing without the worry!