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Tax Tips

Quick tips to help you get started

Filing Personal Taxes

What do I need to file my taxes? A list (which may not be complete for you): 

Personal Info like social security numbers for you and anyone else filing with you (like a spouse), and helpful if you have previous tax returns for comparison. We will also need to know ‘where you made money’ which is a job, alimony, lottery winnings, inheritance, etc. Also, if you are paying on student loans, any type of info regarding your loans. Helpful is your healthcare info. Your savings/IRA/Pension/and things like that are important. After a quick consult, we will let you know if you need anything else!

Filing as a Business

Things get WAY more intense filing as a business! 

If you are new to Zambai CPA it is EXTREMELY helpful to have previous years’ documents including yearly, quarterly, and as much information as possible to make a transition seamless. Any and all information on Tax ID numbers, business documents like LLC articles, s-corp documents, copies of 940/941 and of course, receipts, ledgers, excel files, and whatever you are using to track your debits and credits for your business.

Just Starting a Business?

For those who are wanting to start a business, 

or perhaps you’ve JUST started a business and things are feeling overwhelming, start by putting all of your business information in the same place. Separate what is ‘business-related’ and what isn’t. It is important to start ‘officially’ documenting and tracking what are expenses, what does not count toward deductions, and how you should be filing. Perhaps you started as a sole proprietor but you’ve outgrown this and need to jump into being an s-corp for tax reasons…(it MAY save you money). We can help you figure that out and help you organize your business RIGHT from the START!

I got this letter…

There’s nothing scarier than getting a letter 

in the mail from the state or IRS. Don’t sweat it. While you SHOULD contact a professional as soon as possible, a letter doesn’t have to be tragic. There are things as a CPA that we know how to research, find out, and figure out what happened. There are many reasons why you have received this letter, and we’ve seen most of them! For example, perhaps you misfiled, perhaps they made a mistake, or maybe you forgot something! Maybe even one number was typed wrong and there needs to be a correction! Whatever it is, call us and talk so that the situation can be sorted out quickly.